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a first: the wormhole has a contest

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Yes. It is exciting. Domestic Wormhole is hosting its first ever contest. And we want you to enter. Listen up!

Jim is doing a “14 days of 3-D love” series on his work blog where he is making one valentine-y thing a day on his 3-D printer at his work, Advanced Design Concepts. What is a 3-D printer you ask? It is a printer that prints things, not images. Like the elephant above. And the light cover below. It can print anything you dream up. Crazy cool. We’ve come up with a list of some things he is going to make, like a switch plate cover (I’m thinking something like this, but of a squirrel or a chipmunk… or a different woodland creature for each light switch… whoa), a tea light holder, and swizzle sticks (because nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a cocktail). But we want to know what you would print if you could print anything you wanted on a 3-D printer. Here is the scoop:

  • The printer can print anything up to 9 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 8 inches tall, so your idea has to be that size or smaller.
  • It can be as intricate or as basic as you dream up.
  • The object will be printed in acrylic.
  • Names, numbers, and words can all be imprinted onto the object.
  • Ideas must be submitted by February 7th.

Submit your idea in the comments section. If we choose your idea we will send you the final product. Yes. You will get your idea printed out into a 3-D object and then sent to you.  You will get to hold your idea in your hands. Wild. So comment away! Hooray!!


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  1. Gundersen Diane

    Hi Courtney and Jim,

    Could you make a 3 D of Tosa and Aurora? Starting with a picture?

    Papa George (or “Popeye” as Tim wants to call me.)

  2. This is a wonderful idea! Do I have to send you a picture of my idea? Or can I just state what I would print. If I could just state it, then I would say I’d like a 3-d image of a pink hibiscus flower like what was on our bushes in GTMO, the best year of my life because it was spent alone with the love of my life. A photo can be sent if necessary.

    This comment is from Courtney’s ghost co-blogger who has yet to post anything because her free moments are spent on a living room couch doing crossword puzzles.

    • Crossword puzzles are very important for keeping the brain sharp. I don’t want a slow-brained ghost co-blogger 🙂 The hibiscus flower is a go, as long as you are okay with any hibiscus flower and won’t be, like, well that isn’t exactly like the one outside my window in GTMO. Thank you for your suggestion.

  3. Diego has asked for a football with a Packer’s logo.
    Faith has asked for a palm tree.
    Van has asked for a cricket bat.

    Thank you! The kids are looking forward to this.


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