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personalized napkin rings

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Pia’s cousins came over this weekend to spend the night and their mom had requested that we do a craft. She is attempting to use cloth napkins more often at home, but she wanted to avoid having to wash them after every meal, since napkins don’t get that dirty after one meal (especially in a house with older kids). So she wanted a system that would allow each kid to keep their own napkin from meal to meal. We came up with personalized napkin rings, which my nephew, John, took a step further and said they should be personalized with their Thai initials.  First the kids strung beads and shells of their choosing onto wire. Then we busted out the button maker, made flat-back buttons with their initials, and taped them to the beaded rings. I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up over time, but if they break we can come up with a new napkin ring design. And the fun will begin anew.

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  1. This would be a great project for Cousin Camp.

  2. I love this idea! Very beautiful and multicultural to boot. We should start reusing napkins here as well. It might even make meals a bit more, hmmmm, sophisticated? I agree with Craig that this would be a good project for cousin camp and would make each kid keep track of their own napkin. Maybe they could each make a fun napkin at cousin camp too! Trying to think of a theme that would work with this….


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