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Homeward bound

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I’ve really enjoyed blogging here with Courtney for almost 2 years, but I have found myself missing my trusty old blog, founded way back in the dark ages of 2006.  I’ll be blogging back over there if you care to follow my knitting hijinx or tomato-growing adventures.   Please pop over and say hi.  Courtney will still be here with her incredibly creative ideas – I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

And you, dear Reader, are left with double the blog-fun.  I hope to see you around.

This is what it sounds like to slowly go insane

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Pea never stops chattering.  He chatters through meals, he chatters through stories, he chatters through everyone else’s conversations, he chatters well past tuck-in time at night.  Poor Tea will be snoring, exhausted, and 2 feet away Pea will chatter on in his bed for an hour.  It’s always a string of words and phrases nonsensically strung together.  Who does he think he’s talking to, and what does he think he’s saying?  He is perfectly able to have regular conversations, but if we’re not talking with him, he’s often chattering away to himself.  Enthusiastically.

I really should record him because presumably he won’t do this when he’s, say, 12, and I might miss it, or even (this seems impossible) forget.  In small doses, it is very endearing, but the steady stream of nonsense starts to eat away at my brain after awhile.  Today I just stopped to listen for two minutes and  typed what he was saying.  Just two minutes.

sugar plums dance in their heads.
in their heads.
in their hat.
in their hat.
a donkey.
hi ho the dairy-o.
no corny on the corner.
i found the corner!
in the mitten!  in the mitten.
there’s a corner.
mitten mouse mouse.
down down street.
back up the tunnel.
the tunnel up.
found a little corner there.
drop any off.
drop any off.
drop any off.
(speaking again)
a need a little holder.
a little one.
i need a little one.
whatever, you can’t touch it right now.
i am breaking the hole.
put it back.
let me help.
in the water.
dropped it.
uh, uh, up, up, up
stand down.
where is mine?
no down on the fence.
say hey, no no!
kay kay kay kay….
diddly dum. diddly dum.
dum dum dum dum dum.
grandma, haircut?
i got it from the haircut store.
kiddie car kiddie car kiddie car.
for real, man.
i know, i know.
it might be here.
Why, indeed, little guy?  Why!?

Holiday lights

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One of the highlights of the season for us is walking through the Rotary Gardens holiday light display.  Even though there was no snow on the ground this year (Tea asked me today if it will ever snow again, EVER?), the lights still made it feel festive.  This year there were roaming reindeer that the boys were reluctant to stand near, and a sleigh we all piled in to attempt a group picture.

Terrified of the reindeer, my boys were of *course* beyond upset 5 minutes later when it was mobbed by other children that they hadn’t pet the stupid thing.

If you could see under Pea’s coat, he’s dressed *all* in red – his current obsession.  Santa related?  We’re not sure.

The garden paths were lined with luminaries and we walked under lighted arches.  The garden was supposedly lit with 300,000 lights, but I’m sure I didn’t see more than 259,840 – someone owes me 60 cents.   😉

As pretty as the lights were, I didn’t have a tripod, so I quickly tired of trying to get traditional shots.  If you can’t beat the blur, embrace it, right?  I started swinging my camera around randomly as I hit the shutter, claiming, “I totally meant this shot to look just like that.”  Luckily for my family, my fingers got too numb to keep at it for long.  But I still said, “Just one more” enough to earn myself a time-out if Tea’d had his way.

I’ll spare you from looking at the other 42 shots.  Kyle was not so lucky.

We never did get holiday cards out this year, so would you kindly pretend that picture of us sitting in the sleigh was delivered to you by your post-carrier?  Thank you very much, and Happy Holidays.  We wish you a very bright new year.

Off the needles, on the tree

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I finished the doll blanket for my niece a full 90 minutes before she arrived on Christmas morning – plenty of time to spare.

The boys also did a little crafting for Christmas gifts this year.  They helped make a few (20?) ornaments, but I couldn’t post pictures until they’d been handed out.  Tea’s were hand-prints-turned-snowmen and Pea’s were thumbprints-turned-reindeer.  The boys managed to not get craft paint anywhere but on their ornaments – a true Christmas miracle.  We also made a clothespin tree forest that I somehow neglected to photograph.  Tea has been asking if it’s too late to make gingerbread houses, so we may try to construct one sometime during the week he’s home on break, but I suspect he’s mainly interested in eating the candy decorations.  Maybe I’ll save myself the effort and just buy him a bag of gumdrops?  We’ll see…


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I finished the hat for Tea’s teacher while driving to and from Kyle’s family last weekend.  Long stretches in the car are my preferred knitting time – the scenery is ever-changing and I have a captive audience to ramble to.  The pattern was called “wurm” (Raveled here) and I loved it – the brim is 2 layers thick so it’s very polished-looking, and the ridges make it extra warm.  I knit it in my favorite yarn -the amazingly soft superwash (so you can throw it in the washer and drier without it shrinking) merino Malabrigo Rios.  I want one for myself.  I tried to forbid Tea’s teachers from wearing them at school so they doesn’t feel obligated to.

So now that those are finished, I am of course attempting to knit a very last minute blanket for the doll my niece is receiving for Christmas.  In my head, these projects are super quick.  In reality, I now have 90% of a finished blanket after 2 evenings of knitting, but 4,613 loose ends to weave in before Christmas morning.  Luckily I didn’t make anything for the boys this year so I have no other projects I’m frantically trying to finish up.

Find the pickle

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This weekend we performed the anual “find the pickle” at Kyle’s dad’s house.  A glass pickle ornament is hidden in the Christmas tree and we race to see who can find it.  The winner gets a prize.  This year we hid it twice so that the girls and guys could search separately.  Not surprisingly, it is difficult to find a green ornament hanging on a green tree.   There was an awful lot of trash talking by the guys while we girls searched, but once it was their turn, they were strangely silent.  For a very long time.  I’m pretty sure that was the longest pickle search in history.  We girls rule.

What silly holiday traditions do you have in your family?


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I don’t usually push handknit gifts on non-knitters anymore, but Tea’s teachers both repeatedly raved about his Tiptoe hat and begged me to make them adult versions.  Without really thinking about it, I told them Christmas was coming.  But now, Christmas really is coming and my fingers are getting the hat knitting bug, so I decided to go for it.

This pattern is called Capucine and it calls for tassels on the earflaps and on the back of the head.  I skipped the tassels and added braids instead.

The assistant in Tea’s room loves pink.  This hat wouldn’t look good on me, but I think it will fit her style and look nice with the white jacket she wears and her long (long, long) hair.

One down, one to go.  The yarn for hat #2 arrived in the mail this afternoon and I’m excited to put the boys to bed so I can get going.