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getting into the school groove

In an attempt to streamline our getting-ready-for-school routine, I made this this chart for Pia. When she finishes an item she slides the bead across to mark it as done. Of course with the flood of tears lately the chart has gotten a bit neglected, but for the first few days it worked well to keep us on track. The creation of this chart involved an old box (lid and bottom), scraps of wood dowels, some haphazard and shoddy drilling, scrapbook paper, printer labels, elmer’s glue and wooden beads. It was very much a choose your own adventure craft project.

Now I just need to think of what the final bead should represent. “Dry your tears”? “Pack Kleenex”? “Sob for 30 minutes”?



a valentine-making party

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After spending much too much time thinking of fun valentines for Pia and I to mass-produce to give to her friends and classmates, I decided to make the whole process more open-ended. On Saturday morning I told Pia I needed to set up our “valentine-making party” and told her she must not peek until I called her in. While she and Jim played in the basement I busily prepared a table full of crafty goodies to make valentines with: markers, glue, buttons, puzzle pieces, fake flowers, paper scraps, paper hearts… all in red and pink hues. The red and pink thing is serious. I am a stickler for official valentine colors.

Pia’s eyes opened wide when she arrived at the ‘party’ and saw all the crafty possibilities in front of her, but at first she stuck with her bread and butter: crayons and glitter glue. Massive amounts of glitter glue.

Pia’s first card was for her best school friend. As she explains it, she drew a house (the two boxes) and wrote her friend’s name, then glued on some flowers. I think there is something sweet about her thinking up and creating a card all on her own with no input from me.

The beautiful thing about school valentines is that you don’t have to worry about them being flat enough to send in the mail. So a pink pom pom monster glued to the front of a card? Totally works! I think his sort of crazy haircut adds to his charm, don’t you think?

Since Pia is in 4-year-old kindergarten and her classmates can’t ┬áread we didn’t worry too much about writing much inside the cards other than having Pia sign her name. On the puzzle ones we wrote “you’re my missing piece” and on the one with the bite out of the corner it says “you are so cute i could just eat you up”, but other than that they are blank inside. It was fun to let the supplies guide the project and to see what we could create with what we had in front of us. (The blue card? Made by Jim. Clearly he didn’t get my pink and red memo.)

I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t go with valentines inspired by Robin’s darning post. “I love you so much I’d darn you” written on tags attached to hole-y socks? It would be a history lesson and message of love all in one. Maybe next year.