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yellow mondays and pink tuesdays

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Pia adores her daddy and the first words out of her mouth every morning are “daddy have to work today?”  To help her figure out what happens on what days we made a little banner of flags based on the Thai colors of the week (each day of the week in Thailand has a color assigned to it that is considered lucky… Sunday is red, Monday is yellow, Tuesday is pink, Wednesday is green, Thursday is orange, Friday is blue, and Saturday is purple). Then we attached a little yellow sun to a clothespin that we can move from day to day. On each flag we glued a picture of something that always happens on that day, like on Saturday and Sunday we put pictures of Pia and her dad because the weekends are always daddy days.  On tuesday and friday we glued pictures of her and her speech therapist, on wednesday a picture of her playgroup, etc. As she moves the clothespin from day to day she can see what is happening that day and, perhaps more importantly, how many more days until the weekend when daddy doesn’t have to go to work.

To add an element of dorkiness fun to it we also dress in the color of the day.  I love this, because instead of hemming and hawing at my dresser each morning, I just have to think “ah!  It is a monday! I will wear my only yellow shirt!”  Pia gets a kick out of it as well because it gives her motivation to pick out her clothes and dress herself.

Tomorrow is Saturday and our little family will, of course, all be wearing purple.


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